Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nutri-Jingle Elimination :)

As what we're celebrating this month which is the NUTRITION MONTH, we had to make our own jingle in line with our theme.
Last Monday, we showcase our talent. And luckily, we are qualified for the finals. And here are some of the pictures taken during the ELIMINATION.

St. Bernardine

St. Rose of Lima

At our classroom :)

Maki :) Very pretty ;D

St. Bernardine again

Maika (the owner of the pictures), Fharina and Madel

St. Lawrence's background very artistic :)

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

St. Rose of Lima, again.

Stolen =))

St. Catherine of Siena

St. Lawrence

Fr. Left to Right: Ella, Jady, Kathyrn, Marielle and Me

Go St. Joan of ARC!!

Fr. Left to Right: Ella, Cherlene, Pamela and Me

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