Thursday, July 12, 2012

Old Friend?

I have this friend of mine who eventually become my-almost-boyfriend last year. We used to talk, text, chat and even have a late-night conversations. But some things happened between him and his girlfriend. And he decided not to talk to me for even like-LIFETIME.
Then last Friday, I guess, he added me on my Facebook account. So I was surprised because he told me not to have any conversation with him and now, he'll add me?
I think about it for 1 day if I'm going to accept his friend request. And yes, I accepted HIM AGAIN. And now, he flirts with me again. So I told him that his girlfriend might get jealous again. And he told me that they already parted ways.
And right now, we use to chat everyday.

But I have this question in my mind: "AM I A REBOUND?" "DOES HE REALLY WANT ME TO BE HIS FRIEND?" >:(

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