Monday, October 29, 2012

Bigbang Alive tour 10-24-12

1/4 of the population of our country nowadays TRULY loves kpop because of their song influences and I might say that I'm one of them. Yes, you read it though I'm new in this field but I enjoy it and be LSS every time.
And the group that I really adore and love the most is BIGBANG. The group is compose by 5 members; SeungriG-Dragon or GDTOPTaeyang and Daesung.
And luckily the band had their concert last October 24 at MOA Arena in Pasay. We really shout when we are still on the line because we cannot wait anymore!! Jeez :") And when we get inside we heard shouts and screams are everywhere!! <333 And you cannot even take a bit of pictures because you'll be really excited and when the curtains are being removed away more shouts are heard!!

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