Sunday, October 28, 2012

Intramurals Day 2

Part 2 of my "Intramural's Post" HAHA. Please forgive me with my post plus our faces ;) HAHA
We had our parade with the Grade 7- fourth year HS. But, the Grade 7 and the 2nd years are the only participants who wear their costumes because right after their parade, they'll be having their performances.
Sister Cora, RVM and Mrs. Balbido- (our Directress and our principal)

During the parade. Azzarro and Justin, they are from the other team =)) Haha.

The girl scouts were asked to have "trial" mode on what to do during the play. It was really fun!!


Our team was really happy because we won consecutively!!

Longeeesssstt =))

This game was a bit hard. You have to put the candy from your toothpick to the other player's toothpick without falling.

And this one is the easiest one. You just have to pass the shoes using your arm.

The last game. You have to blow up the cornstarch so that you can get the one peso coin behind it and place it on the other plate using your mouth.

Watcha say? =)) Haha

Ked Rick ;)


Sweetest couple! Though, they aren't couple yet =)) Haha


Wacky pose is WACKY ;)

Pam and Cesar.

Hi Cesar =)) haha

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