Monday, June 25, 2012

Headache :((

Awhile ago, I didn't report well because I feel like I am going to vomit anytime when I open my mouth. So I was sad with the result because even though my topic is easy, I didn't report it well :(((((((( HUHUUHUU. I lost one opportunity :((( And one more thing, my report didn't function well :(((( HUHU. It was supposed to be with effects and other fonts. But UNFORTUNATELY, I used MS Powerpoint 2010, and my Chemistry Teacher is using MS Powerpoint 2007. And my classmates are kept on interrogating me about my report. I want to tell them that I used MS PPT. version 2010, but I'm shy because what if they'll say some sarcastic words :(((((((((((( HUHUUHU.
And one more thing, during our Geometry class my HEAD REALLY ACHES. :((( But I don't want to go to the clinic because I might miss the lessons plus the quiz :(( Huhu. So I decided to just stay at our classroom and listen to our Geom Teacher and participate on our class discussion. After that, we had our quiz. :) And I don't if all of my answers are correct or not. But I hope that I can pass our quiz :)

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