Sunday, June 24, 2012

My dream..

Someday, I really want to be a model. HAHA. I know it's really funny because I'm not that pretty, not like what other girls are :( HUHU.
I seriously don't know why I want to be a model someday, maybe because I'm fond of taking pictures of myself or mainly because I want to see myself walking on the runway. Hihi. Whenever I'm seeing some pictures of the models, I always tell myself that "SOMEDAY JANA, YOU'LL BE LIKE HER." Yeah, I hope that, that "SOMEDAY" will really happen today, tomorrow or in the near future.
My mom told me that next summer, she's going to enroll me on a Modeling School near our house. To tell you honestly, I can't wait for that. I want to ask my mom if she can enroll me right now at that school =)) HAHA. But unfortunately, she will opposed with it because we prioritized first our studies 'cause it's REALLY important :)
I wish that there will be a one stranger that will ask me if I can be his/her model in a photoshoot :(( HUHU. But, IT'S REALLY IMPOSSIBLE =)) HAHA. I know, I'm dreaming big right now. But, it's not bad to dream big right? All I have to do is to work for it so that my dreams will come true :)

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